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Title: Breathing Life (Songs for One Night)
Fandom: Vampire Diaries
Pairing: Damon/Elena
Rating: PG-13, with allusions to sex.
Notes: This is the first thing I've produced for internet consumption in... uhh, months? Also, shut up, I absolutely hate art and graphics programs so I have not bothered to learn to use them.

...his undeniable corruption lights her veins like paper lanterns...Collapse )
06 May 2009 @ 03:48 pm
Meme time: Post a sentence/paragraph/page of something you have started writing (a fic, a poem, a story, an article) and never finished or published anywhere. Repeat x10.

10 Literary Abortions. D:Collapse )
Title: Then Pass By
Fandoms: Battlestar-verse Original RP
Words: 989
Pairing: Remus/Laurel
Rating: PG-13, for character death, post-sexing and angst.
Summary: Four things that may or may not have happened. And may or may not ever happen. (ALSO, CKR AND BIEL WERE TOTALLY IN BLADE 3 TOGETHER. ... which is not a great thing considering those movies are not the pinnacle of modern cinema. but that is so not the point right now.)

Well, it’s frakked up.Collapse )
Title: Wake Up, Dead Man
Fandoms: Battlestar-verse Original RP, basically
What: FANMIX. NO FIC. YET. Uber-eclectic (welcome to my iTunes) with indie folk, classic rock, FBR, Top 40, and et cetera.
Pairing: Remus/Laurel
Notes: I always mean to do this, but always phail. I had success this time! If a dude sings most of the song, it's a Remus-song. If it's a chick, it's a Laurel-song. *proud of me* Also, I'm Officially Tired Of Within Temptation, but they're on here anyway.
Wake Up, Dead Man (AKA; Your Anguish Sustains Me)Collapse )
02 April 2009 @ 12:37 am
Title: Set Aside Childish Things
Fandoms: RP Harry Potter
Pairing: Chief/Anna (aka Ivan/Anna futureism)
Rating: G. For... great... angst. Lolz
Summary: Any summary would be longer than the fic. Pft.

Unnecessary LJ cut is unnecessary.Collapse )
BSG_PornBattle; ologyist's Personal Recap

Let's see, I'm not even sure I've read everything, buuut I did really like:
lyssie's "Morning Headache," a Kara/Sam fic of adorableness (Oh, Sam, how did I ever not love you? How?! It's Kara and her damn chemistry with Lee. Asdfgjk;)

lizardbeth_j's "Down to Earth", which is Sam/Sharon (wut?!) and so angsty and sad and I might hate it because it involves Karaless Sam and Heloless Agathons, but yeah, it's still good. She also wrote a cool Kara/Sam AU fic called "Variations in Earth Major," whose title is a music pun (unless... it's a BSG reference that I'm missing) because in it, Kara is a concert pianist. It reminds me of resurrection!fic, to which I am becoming addicted.

Hm, I remember liking a Lee/Kara a lot, but can't remember what page it was on and didn't leave a comment. Oh wellz.

I also liked a lot of the fic that everyone liked, like the Leoben/Kara "bite the pillow" prompt. It's on the first page; you can't miss it. It's the too-hot-for-the-internet one.

Some of my prompts were done, too. ism did Kara/Leoben; 'in God's eyes' with hatesex, and lyssie did Lee/Boomer; 'liars'... also with hatesex, basically. Rofl. And I'm sure there were others without hatesex, but contrary to popular belief, I cannot actually retain everything I read or write.

Anyway, those are just a few of the favorites I'm remembering now. It's definitely worth a look, now that the pressure to post responses is off. Lol.

As for me personally, I apparently have a limit set of how much fic I can write in one weekend. And that number is seven. I'll get up to eight sooner or later, you watch me. Anyway, behold:
Consensus and Hindsight on My Porn*

7. One-upmanship, a Kara/Sawyer prompt of 'jungle.'
Generally, I'm always the least satisfied with my last contribution to these things. I don't understand the concept of 'quitting while ahead,' I think. But uh, who doesn't like writing Sawyer? I sure do.

6. The Parable of the Apple Seed, a Leoben/Echo Dollhouse crossover with the prompt of 'infiltration.' Which I realized today... was one of my prompts. I fail.
Even so, this was one of the most fun and easiest fics to write. ... I may write more Leoben/Echo for this reason. Look out, fic incoming.

5. Truth and Worth, a Kara/Paul Dollhouse crossover with the prompt of 'informant.' This was NOT my prompt, tyvm. :D
Um, I dunno, people seemed to like it, and I wrote it in two basic parts. Unfortunately it wasn't a great aid in breaking my pornblock, but I gave it a shot. It did, however, unblock my dialogue creator. Rofl.

4. The Trumpet Child, a Kara/Leoben fic with the prompt of 'ancestors.'
*smokes space-reefer with Roslin and Adama* "Huh? What's the question?"

3. What Price Love, a really brief Kara/Leoben ficlet with the prompt of 'faith.'
Um, this one was over as soon as it began. I had it all planned out as being like three or four times longer with more explicit sex and more mindfuckery, but I do that (the time-and-realityfucking) a lot in fic, and I imagine it gets old. I typed the last sentence and while I was wondering what should come next, I realized I was done.

2. The Life Before This, a Helo/Kara fic with the prompt 'tough.'
Oh yeah, I went there. And the response was heartening. It's cliche Academy-fic, basically, except with Helo instead of Lee. *thud*

1. Can't Leave You By the Roadside, a Lee/Kara fic in which I used one of sight's prompts, 'unanswered questions.'
I think this fic has the strongest concept behind it... and the reaction to it has been very positive. Possibly because nobody doesn't like Kara/Lee! (Get it? Get it?!)

*if you can even call it porn, because I feel there was insufficient smut in my contributions, but that's not the point
Title: One-upmanship
Fandoms: Battlestar Galactica (2003)/LOST
Words: 884
Pairing: Kara/Sawyer
Rating: R/NC-17 for proper porn
Summary: Written for bsg_pornbattle; prompt was 'jungle.'

What the hell does ‘frak’ mean anyway?Collapse )
Title: The Parable of the Apple Seed
Fandoms: Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Dollhouse (... nothing like a pattern...)
Words: 643
Pairing: Leoben/Echo
Rating: R, for a solid paragraph of smut *high fives air*
Summary: Written for bsg_pornbattle; prompt was 'infiltration.' Which... I... meandered from some. But that was totally what I started with and--- oh, screw it, it's done. :P In which creeper!Leoben is a creeper.

Do you believe in destiny, Echo?Collapse )
Title: Truth and Worth
Fandoms: Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Dollhouse (OH-HO-HO)
Words: 686
Pairing: Kara/Paul
Rating: R, because I remembered how to write porn! Yay!!
Summary: Written for bsg_pornbattle; prompt was 'informant.' I was like, "Poor lonely Kara/Paul prompt. ;_; So sad all by itself. I will write you, little prompt, do not fear!" and then I did. ... Um. ... Idk, I think I sort of perpetuated that thing about Paul being the worst FBI agent in the world, but he's also the most adorable so that's okay? Also I am becoming addicted to reincarnated!BSG fic. I'm worried. >_>;;

Her name is Kara, maybe; Paul would give it a 50-50 chance of being an alias.Collapse )
27 March 2009 @ 06:36 pm
Title: The Trumpet Child
Fandoms: Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Words: 695
Pairing: Kara/Leoben (and like thismuch Kara/Lee. Thismuch.)
Rating: ... More like a strong PG-13. God, why have I been failing so hard at the smut?
Summary: Written for bsg_pornbattle; prompt was 'ancestors.' Which... I'm pretty sure was my prompt. Lol. Not in the spirit of the battle. ESPECIALLY CAUSE THERE IS LIKE .5% PORN. JEEZ.

The lion lies beside the lamb and licks the murderer's outstretched hand.Collapse )